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Have you ever seen a beautiful art on someone's skin? Are you aware of tattooing? If you are interested to do tattooing then you must know about temporary and permanent art work on your skin. Also which one is better for you. Here we will tell you why temporary Tattoo is more adopted now -a-days.

Temporary Tattoo: info and advantages

Tattoo is an art work or the modification by inserting design on your skin. The art of making tattoo into the dermis layer of the skin is Tattooing. The images in Temporary Tattoo are of three types Decorative, Symbolic and Pictorial. Decorative image includes no specific or meaningful image, symbolic is with something specific meaning pertinent to the wearer and pictorial is related to the depiction of specific person or item. The best advantage of Temporary Tattoo is that it usually last for 1-2 weeks and after that it will gradually fade away. As in case of temporary tattoo, the pigment is precisely applied only to the outer layer of your skin and that is why only the epidermis gets coloured.

Things to know if you are deciding to make Temporary Tattoo

If you want to enjoy the art of tattoos then initially you may want to apply temporary tattoo in place of permanent tattoo. If you are sure that you always want a tattoo then only go for it. Do you want a specific tattoo? Can you afford attempt to have a tattoo if it is removed later on? Are you concerned about the possible health risks of infections or the allergic reaction from the ink of tattoo? You must think about these things before making temporary tattoo.

Making of Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoo is a decorative image that is applied to the skin for short period of time. Temporary tattoo is created by using screen printing process as in screen printing is the image on paper coated with a transfer film. The transfer image allows the image to slide off the backing paper and paper image is made onto the skin when moisture is applied. When it gets dry then the images on paper applied to the skin. Temporary tattoo is created by several ways for individuals to decorate their skin. Foer example they can be hand drawn and printed using air brush with water insoluble dyes or pigments for less pain. Generally high talented artist can create best image, also you can draw the pictures by your creativity. It does include the pictures which can be removed easily. The best way to achieve temporary tattoo is by decalcomania, which is the process of applying a decal to the skin. In this process the user can apply printed images to the skin at their convenience. Decal-style tattoo are so simple to apply on users skin, even a child can use this and the image that can be easily removed with the water and soap, so temporary tattoo can be easily changed to suit your personality. Decal-style temporary tattoo are made by printing an image on a special paper coated with a paper having nature of transparency. To apply the tattoo you just need to moisten the paper and the film slides off the backing layer carrying the image on your skin. Raw materials which are used to draw the temporary tattoo include stencils, inks, banking paper and many more. Screen printing is one of the ways to make the tattoo and this is done by using stencils to create the images. The stencils are made from nonporous paper or plastic coated with lacquer, gelatine, or a combination of glue and "tusche" which is a heavy ink like material. Inks are the main ingredient to make tattoo. Different type of coloured ink and their selection leads to draw the required art. Drying agents are also added to ink to modify their drying behaviour. Temporary tattoo may be printed on paper, plastic films or the combination of both kind of paper. Backing paper is also such type of paper. This baking paper is coated with variety of materials which is made of spraying or dipping methods.

Permanent tattoo vs temporary Tattoo

Here I am making a full comparison between permanent and temporary tattoos.

After effects of tattooing

After effects of tattooing is seen very less in temporary tattoo unless you are allergic to paints. Usually the behaviour of everyone's skin do not match so its after effects can be different person to person.

Pain Level

In case of temporary tattoo all the work is done only on your outer skin that is why there is no pain.


There is no chance of any blood dripping out because the drawing process does not consider any sharp things. But in case of permanent tattoo you can see little bit of blood.

Cost comparison

Permanent tattoos are more expensive than the temporary tattoos.

Removing Factors

If you are interested to wear off tattoo regularly then temporary tattoos is for you to do it easily and remove it easily. Also if you use water and detergents very frequently to your tattooed area, then your temporary tattoo will tarnish very quickly. So at that condition you should wear permanent tattoo. Here both temporary and permanent tattoos have their own needs and importance.

History of temporary tattoos

From the ancient time the practice of tattooing is in existence. The tattoos on preserved mummified human reveal that practicing of tattooing is continuing from many centuries. In 2015 scientists identified two more tattooed mummies which is the oldest found mummies of the era. The oldest identified tattoos in the world were from Egypt which are dated between 3351 and 3017 BCE. Ancient time most of the tattooing was practiced among the Austronesian people. It was considered as the oldest technology developed by the Proto-Austronesian in Taiwan and coastal South China. Now also many type of development process is going on to develop new techniques and to reduce the cost estimations.