team management


Madhusudhan Rao is the owner of Naksh Tattoo studio. He is also known as Vicky. He is the man behind the success of Naksh tattoo studio . He started his career in the year 2011, his diversified knowledge and creativity makes him to stand different in crowd of tattoo artist. His 7 years of experience in tattoo world his remarkable and astonishing. There is a saying “people live on food”, but here it is different, “Vicky lives on tattoo, indeed live for tattoos”.


Rahul is another talented artist in our studio as well as one of the best tattoo artist in Hyderabad. His never ending love for art turned out to be one of the finest artist in Naksh Tattoo studio. His way of tattoo making is just like drawing a canvas. You just come with your dream and he will engrave best out of your dream. He selects inks and shades of color as per your requirement which will be best for your skin type and tattoo.


Mahi is well known in Naksh tattoo studio for digging out unique master pieces with his love for art and tattoos. He believes in making his clients happy with his significant artwork and tremendous efforts. And his success story is that he never stops learning, indeed keep on updating himself with latest designs and techniques.


In herd of engineers, doctors & CA, Raj choose to stand different from crowd by leaning towards his dreams and childhood love of art. Once he discovered his true love, he started devoting life in tattoo making and came out to be one of the finest tattoo artist in Hyderabad. From his work, he tries to learn something new every time and come up next day with new master piece.


Tribal Tattoo Artist, Calligraphic Artist, Old School Artist, Abstract Tattoo Artist, Uma pretty much grown up with a pencil in one hand and sketch book in another hand has an keen interest in art. Until she came to know what her talent is she never much concentrated in the field of tattooing in Hyderabad .


Sony much grown up with a pencil in one hand and sketch book in another hand has an keen interest in art. Until she came to know what her talent is she never much concentrated in the field of tattooing, however made a significant step once in her life to become the artist and from that moment she never turned back. She inspired many other artists with her cool work. She is one of the best female tattoo artist in Hyderabad .


His position in tattoo industry is driven all by his hunger for art. He believes learning is never too late and can be done every other day. This might be the main reason behind his prodigious talent and love for tattoos. We will not exaggerate much on his artistic skills, as “his work speaks a lot”. He is skilful in Tribal tattoos, Calligraphic tattoos, Old School tattoos and Abstract tattoos.


Robin is another best tattoo artist in Naksh tattoo studio, he has been in search of perfect destination where he can term his dreams into reality. It happened in Naskh tattoo studio, he got a chance to enhance his knowledge and artistic skills. He has always been appreciated by clients for bringing out unique designs and art work. He excels in Tribal tattoos, Colored tattoos, Calligraphic tattoos, New school tattoos, Old School tattoos, Abstract Tattoo tattoos and Maori tattoos.


Ravi was always a guy who never wanted to be a 9 to 5 person and with arts in his fingers he decided to draw on the skins instead on a canvas. He believes that people may forget their girlfriend but will never forget the face of the tattoo artist who has created the tattoo.


Bharath is one of the finest artists in our field, with different style of doing the tattoo work with a tremendous artist work of making it. His passion toward the art makes us to stay tuned with his works all the time without a pause. He mostly spends his free time in painting and drawing constantly to sharp his artistic work. He himself makes a research in the inks and chooses the ink and shades of colors according to the client’s skin tone, texture to make very sure that he gets a tattoo which he want to have.