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During the process of piercing you can feel higher amount of pain, so it is very important to have your strong Anti-eyebrow Piercing

Are you the person who is wishing to have a kind of piercing on your face? Have you ever seen a person with anti-eyebrow piercing? Or are you interested to know more about this kind of piercing which looks gorgeous. All your doubts are explained here regarding Anti-eyebrow piercing. How this type of piercing is done. What is the different jewellery you can wear? What is the different procedure to do this piercing? The healing you feel and the time duration of healing. What are the pain factors that affect the surface piercing? And also we tell you what the different ways of aftercares are.

What Anti-eyebrow piercing really means

An anti-eyebrow piercing is a kind of facial piercing that is done above the cheek or below the eyebrow. Generally it is done by curved barbell or by the surface bar. This type of piercing is done vertically or horizontally on the persons face by preference. A proper take care and placement is require to do it, as it is a surface piercing.

Procedure to do this

First of all for undergoing the procedure you must choose the specific location where the piercing should be done by your comforts. The important thing is that this is never be done without the experienced or the professional piercer who can handle the entire process. Professional piercer can also assist you with the location and the number of piercing you should wear. Generally the best piercing method in this must be used by piercer is "clamp and Pierce method" that is also known to be the conventional one. Also the newest methods to do this are "dermal punch" and "Taper method". To avoid any kind of bacterial infections before making hole on the piercing location it is very important to clean and properly sanitize the area.

Healing duration and Pain

Interest level and become capable to bear the extreme pain. Healing in this type of piercing that we feel is for about 6 to 8 weeks.

After Piercing things to care

  • During bathing clean the piercing and the pierced area
  • Use cotton to clean the wound or if crusts are formed
  • Wipe the moist on the pierced area by a tissue paper or the clean towel.
  • Don't try to remove or replace the chosen jewellery.

  • Cost

    The standard piercing parlour may charge you $40-$60.

    Bridge piercing

    Are you such kind of person who wishes to have a piercing through the skin on the bridge of the nose? Have you ever seen a person with Bridge piercing? Are you interested to know more about the bridge piercing? We have all the answers of you questions you will find here regarding this type of facial surface piercing. What is the procedure to do this piercing? what are the different jewellery you can wear? What are the pain factors and the duration of Heeling.

    What Bridge Piercing really means

    It is the kind of facial piercing though the skin which is done on the bridge of nose. Usually this is done directly between the eyes. In this piercing the risk of rejection is very high so it generates more pain at the time on placing the jewellery and at the time of removal of jewellery.

    Procedure to do this

    The most important thing is that this is never be done without the experienced and professional piercer who can handle the process because the risk of rejection is very high in this type of piercing. Just make sure that it is pierced up high enough that it doesnít interface with the waring of glasses. Usually it is done by the method of "clam and Pierce".

    Healing Duration and Pain Factors

    Healing in this kind of piercing will take 8 to 12 weeks. As in this piercing the risk of rejection is high so you can feel more pain at the time of piercing and at the time of removal of jewellery.

    After Piercing things to care

    Here some points of aftercares:

    Jewelry that can used

    The best jewelry in this piercing you can wear is a small curved barbell. As the straight barbell may cause too much tension on the edges so it increases the chance of migration.

    Eyebrow piercing Info

    An eyebrow piercing is placed anywhere along the eyebrow line on either side.it may be vertical (which is most common) or horizontal. This is the most common type of piercing which is done many of the teenagers these days. Eyebrow piercing can move if they are not placed deeply inside or if the jewelry is too thin or if it is too heavy in weight. The horizontal eyebrow percing is not common that is why it is known as a special name horizontal eyebrow piercing.

    Best jewelry recommendation

    The common types of jewelry which can used are Barbells, curved barbells and captive bead ring. Each of these jewelry put different type of pressure and degree of piercing which may cause heavy irritation or piercing migration so that is why their length and weight is important. If you are going to do new piercing then 16-12 gauge captive bed ring (CBR) or mini curved barbell is recommended for you. CBRs are the most popular jewelry choice now days among teenagers. So that is why many shops include smaller replacement in the place of larger jewellery at the initial piercing. also after 6 weeks you can change it out at no additional charges. But for that it is important to decide which jewelry you want exactly to get your piercing.

    Healing Duration

    At least 6 to 8 weeks wound takes to close properly around the piercing area so after piercing in this duration you can feel the healing. But when you remove the jewelry the healing you can feel , it may be six to a year. Without the hole closing.

    Lip piercing info and your doubts

    This is third most popular body piercing so by this you can guess how popular this is from the ancient era. Lip piercing is a type of body piercing in which piercing is done on and around the lips. This can be done is various ways, so your all doubts are answered here.

    Types of Lip Piercing

    As lip piercing is done on lips but the surface of lips is not typically pierced, except in the case of horizontal lip piercing and canine bites. Every type of lip piercing has specific position and has certain names. For example "Monroe Piercing" and "Marilyn Monroe" are the type of lip piercing. Monroe Piercing labret studs worn on the upper lip and Marilyn Monroe is famous for its beauty marks. The lip piercing which is go through the centre of upper lip is the "Medusa piercing". if labret stud can pierced centre or off- centre the it is known as labret piercing.

    Healing Duration

    In case of most lip piercing the healing duration is of one to three months but it may increase if serious infection occurs. The possibility of serious infection is very high in this type of piercing if piercing is not properly taken care.

    Things to take care after piercing

  • Be prepared for daily and regularly cleaning of your piercing
  • You should purchase you cleaning supplies in advance to avoid any gape in cleaning.
  • Always check for the sign of infection.
  • You should know the allergic reaction and how it looks like.
  • Clean the piercing from the inside of your mouth.
  • Always wash your hands properly before touching your piercing.
  • Be careful wile brushing so as to avoid the irritation.

  • Nostril piercings info and your doubts

    Have you ever seen a person of nostril piercing, I guess of course because this is the most common piercing. So if you planning to go for nostril piercing then you must know about it these things. Many times it is seen that people wear nose piercing for long time so because nose piercing make you feel coolest. Nostril piercing is a kind of nose piercing when you have needle or jewelry inserted into some part or at some section of the nose. This can go through the cartilage or skin of your nose.

    Healing duration

    Nostril piercings aren't painful mostly. As it hurt a little more than the earlobe piercing, still most of the people have fell no more trouble to do this piercing. So the healing you can fell is just for 2 to 3 months.

    Cost for nostril piercing

    Generally cost of nostril piercing depends on which kind of piercing you get. For general nose piercing it just cast you $25 to $100. This amount also includes the cost of the piece of starter jewellery.

    Aftercare and cleaning guidelines

  • The most important aftercare is you need to clean them at least twice a day
  • Always wash your hands properly before touching your piercing.
  • Always check for the sign of infection.
  • You should purchase you cleaning supplies in advance to avoid any gape in cleaning.

  • Septum piercing: know every thing

    If you want to change your simple looks and make yourself attractive with nose piercing then septum piercing is for you .It can give you face a bold look and a non-agonizing way to change your look. Septum piercing is a type of nose piercing that go in the centre of the tip of nose- right between the nostrils. It goes through the skin on one side of septum and right out the other side while going beneath the cartilage that separates your nostrils.

    Pain and Healing duration

    In this piercing the healing lasts between six to eight weeks, if the jewelry is not changed . as piercing is the process in which your skin breaks so it is natural to feel the hurt, but it's not agonizing. Generally it feels like you sneeze or you can feel pain when you get hit in the nose and also when your eye water for a split, so make sure that you can handle the pain and the distractions.

    Cost of septum piercing

    Commonly the cost of the septum piercing is about $40 to $90 including the cost of initial jewelry. Also it is not the cheapest piercing around so you can pay less than that. Sometimes the more valuable jewelry can increase the cost of your piercing so be prepared for your choices.

    Aftercare and cleaning guidelines

  • Wash your piercing with a solution of sea salt and water twice a day
  • Always wash your hands propyl before touching your piecing.
  • Always check for the sign of infection.

  • Tongue piercing: things you should know

    You have so many youngsters to have tongue piercing because it is a fad among them. So if you are also what to do such piercing then know more about it. Tongue piercing is a kind of body piercing which is done directly through the central tongue .The piercers initially check for the right place and mark safe placement for the piercing, so the underside of the tongue for the large blood vessels must be check. The tongue is clamped with forceps before doing the piercing by the piercer, usually from top to the bottom needle is pierced or from bottom to the top with the cannula needle.

    Healing duration and swelling time

    In most of the tongue piercing healing is felt for 2 to 4 weeks. Actually the healing time depends upon person to person and the position of piercing. Also the swelling is major factor in tongue piercing. Selling can be fell for 2 to 3 days just after the piercing. after 3 days tongue comes to the normal shape . so swelling is normal.

    Aftercare and cleaning process.

  • You must not have something hot such as coffee or tea for quick healing.
  • You should not take any painkiller or other medicine to avoid the swelling.
  • You should avoid alcohol and mouthwash.
  • You must not kiss for at least for one week
  • You should try not to play with the piercing by your teeth.
  • You should not smoke for a while.
  • You should try to avoid spicy food
  • Re of the tongue. Earlier it was most popular piercing but it has decline in popularity since 2011. The most common and safest way to have the tongue piercing is one hole in the centre of the tongue.

  • Procedure to do tongue piercing

  • First of all this piercing is for long tongue people so it is not recommended for sm