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After Care
We provide the Best Profesional Tattoos

Tattoos are not just a style statement, but it also connects you to your soul and stays with you for lifetime. Tattoo need to look refreshing even after years. Hence, a perfect care is required for tattoos to stay with you forever and we here at Naksh tattoo studio takes good care of our clients from the beginning of tattoo designing till after tattoo making. We provide best tattoo making services and at the same time provide best care instructions to our clients. There are basic details which we provide to our clients for perfect care of their tattoo and health:

  • You have to keep your tattoo cover with bandage for 24 hours, once tattoo work is done.
  • You have to avoid contact of water on tattoo surface till next 24 hours.
  • The very next day you can wet the area with water, make sure you use luke warm water and then remove bandage. (Tattoo might look blur with bandage but you need not to worry about it.
  • Once you remove bandage, wash it with mild antibiotic soap and gently pat it dry without rubbing it and you have to avoid scrubbing as well.
  • After cleaning it, apply ointment lightly with your clean hands.
  • Repeat applying ointment twice a day for next 15-20 days.
  • You should avoid massaging tattoo with ointment, just apply thin layer, as your tattoo need to breath and heal as soon as possible to avoid pimples or clogging.
  • You have to avoid direct exposure to sun, sun bath, sauna and steam for next 2 weeks. Also avoid swimming or workout for next 2 weeks.
  • You will notice a thin layer developed on tattoo and it will be itching as well, but try to avoid scratching or scabbing. You can simply pat it when you have itching problem.
  • To avoid fading apply sunblock after 3 weeks of tattoo work.
  • You have to avoid eating brinjal, chana dal, besan, kala chana, etc for 3-4 days.

  • We are here for you in your tattoo journey. Just in case if you feel extreme itching, redness, swelling, unbearable pain, rashes, fever or any other problem then do contact us, we will direct you to best doctor out there.