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Tattoo Meanings
We provide the Best Profesional Tattoos

Paw tattoos-

Animals are beautiful creation of god. Dog and cat are leading in it. Either there is a dog person or a cat person. Paw tattoos are the best way of showing your affection towards your lovable pets. Paw tattoos are personal, it's just getting inked what you love the most. Paw tattoos are not only related to pets every time. But it also symbolize strength to move on and achieving your future goals. So come forward and Naksh tattoo will definitely help you to symbolize your strength or love for your pet.

Dragon Fly-

Tattoos are all about positivity or the positive vibes you get from it. Dragon fly tattoos represent the same positivity and shows purity of your soul. It is also a sign of freedom and represents your strength as well. This tattoo impression is of an insect which lives in water as well as air and goes with the transitions in complete life cycle. People choose dragon fly tattoo to represent transition in their life and to show never ending improvement.


Tattoos connect you to your soul and to your heart. Heart tattoos comes with variety which have several meanings like blue heart tattoo, crying heart, bleeding heart, swirl heart tattoo, double heart tattoos and etc. These heart tattoo types have different meanings but heart tattoos mostly resembles love, affection, sisterhood, friendship, other relationships, trapped, suffering, passion, unity and etc.

Sun and Moon-

Sun and moon tattoos are highly creative and colorful tattoos, which perfectly defines your body art, how attractive and meaningful it is. Just like other tattoo types, sun and moon tattoos have different variety and meaning as well. The various styles of sun and moon tattoos are fantasy based tattoo, cartoonish, realistic, yin-yang tattoo, etc. Sometimes they are funny yet meaningful. The sun and moon tattoos designed half-half has a very special meaning. Where the first side shows masculine side with little bit of feminine qualities and the other half shows feminine side with little bit of masculine qualities.


Rose is one of the popular flower and the complex one, equally it is popular among varieties of tattoo designs. In general, Rose tattoos represents love, promise or new beginnings. At the same time rose tattoos comes with different colors and as per the color their meaning changes as well. And when rose tattoo is designed with thorns then it symbolize thoughtlessness and loss.


Different tattoos have different meanings and reason to be crafted on your body. Some have love reason behind it, their determination towards their goals or philosophy of life. Similarly Anchor is the symbol of safety and security. It is used by sailor for their safety purpose. Anchor tattoos are really beautiful


Hummingbird is one of the beautiful creature in real as well when crafted on your body. It can be colorful or in single color, but have various meanings. Mainly hummingbird tattoo represents the power to overcome difficulties or overcoming drawbacks. Hummingbird tattoo is also a symbol of love, peace, hope and etc. We at Naksh tattoo studio have various artistic patterns of hummingbird tattoo, feel free to visit us and get it done beautifully.


Crown tattoo is demanded by both male and females, as in king or queen. Crown tattoo designs comes in variety which have different meanings as well. In general, crown tattoo symbolizes the royalty, power and authority. Crown tattoos comes in different colors and they not only meant for representing royalty but also explains how the owner of crown tattoo is sovereign of their own life.


Seahorse is another beautiful mammal, which can be crafted beautifully on your body by creative artists of Naksh tattoo studio. Seahorse tattoo has been adopted differently in different cultures. Few consider it as the attribute of sea god where as others consider it as symbol of power and authority. Sea horse tattoo also represents persistence, friendship and protection. At first, seahorse tattoos doesn't attract much but its traits makes it to stand different.


Snowflake tattoos are itself really creative as well as beautiful. Snowflake cake also work as the icing on the cake if crafted along with other tattoos and appear to be more attractive. Snowflake tattoos also have some meanings which varies culture to culture. Snowflake tattoos generally represent uniqueness just like its name and they look even more stunning when done by Naksh tattoo studio artist.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means circle, but it is mainly dominated by squares or triangles and one of the popular tattoo design in tattoo world. Many fall for mandala tattoo design because of floral appearance as well as its spirituality, since it is the part of Hindus and Buddhist religion. Mandala tattoos looks much more beautiful on the flatter section of body like chest or back due to geometrical shapes. One can recognize it as perfection when done by the tattoo artist of Naksh tattoo studio.


Sankofa is one of the popular design in the tattoo world, because of its unique designs. Sankofa is not any creature but have different meaning in this diversified culture. In general it means 'go back and get it' according to the Akan proverb and story behind it is, there a creature look alike of a bird, looking behind while picking an egg from its back. Sankofa tattoo design is perfect for you if you are trying move out of your past and looking for a bright present and future.


Giraffes are known for their grace in their actions and patience. Giraffe tattoos are quite popular among people because of its cartoonist look and gracefulness. Giraffe tattoos also symbolizes intelligence, dependability, vulnerability, resourcefulness and how gracefully it manages with its long neck.


In India elephants are considered to be lucky as they also familiarizes with lord Ganesha. Elephants are huge and beautiful creatures which looks even more beautiful when crafted on your body. Along with luck and charm elephant tattoos also symbolizes power, dignity, love, prosperity and strength.


Bow tattoos might look little girlish but always catches attention since these bow tattoo designs are really attractive. Bow tattoo looks even more attractive when drawn on wrist, neck, shoulder or even legs. Bow tattoos are unique as there not much designs for it but have different intentions to get it done. Bow tattoos symbolizes charm and beauty.

Music Symbol-

Music is that piece of art which provides you peace of mind, can make you dance crazily at the same time. Music symbol tattoos are mainly appreciated by music lovers, who feels the greater connect with music. Music symbol tattoos comes with different shapes and sizes with various colors. Every music symbol have a different meaning like f indicates loudness, p for piano indicates softness and etc.


Keys are not just and instrument to open a lock, instead have different meaning in the tattoo world. Key tattoos either can be used separately or along with other tattoo designs. Key tattoos have different meanings like a key tattoo can be used as a part of bracelet on wrist or it can be drawn along with heart as the romantic gesture for your loved ones. Key tattoos generally symbolizes opportunity, responsibility, capability, security, secrecy and etc.


As much as dolphins are beautiful and attractive in real life, looks much more attractive and appealing when drawn on your body. Dolphins are the symbols of love and peace. Dolphin tattoo represents positivity and perfect for people who have strong emotional connect with their life.

Lady Bug-

Lady bug is one of the beautiful insect which lives peacefully in harmony. Lady bug tattoo somewhere connects you to the nature and environment since it's a natural helper in gardens. Lady bug tattoo looks even more attractive when filled in with red color. Lady bug tattoo symbolizes good luck & fortune, love, happiness and friendships.


Dandelion is a flower which are delicate and short life span and its seeds goes where ever the winds takes them. Similarly dandelion in tattoo world have several meanings and depends person to person. Dandelion tattoo symbolize ray of hopes, dream, wish, childhood memories and much more. Dandelion tattoos looks more beautiful if drawn with blowing seeds.


Cherry is another feminine tattoo and mostly preferred by women. Cherry tattoo looks yummy just like a real cherry when crafted with beautiful colors. Cherry tattoo represents innocence, sensuality and sexuality at the same time.

Dream catcher-

Dream catchers are used these days to make the look of room more attractive or to attract small babies with it. Humans are into the trap of dreams, which walks through your sleep, it can be positive, negative or horrifying. Dream catchers brings positivity among people. Dream catcher tattoo have different patterns and meanings when feathers are attached along with it.


There are infinite number of tattoo designs just like the infinite number tattoos up above in the universe. These infinite number of star designs have different meanings as well. There are variety of star tattoo designs like little star tattoo, shooting star tattoo, star chain tattoo, tribal tattoo star, etc. Star tattoo symbolizes religious faith, success, good luck, transformation, wish, ray of hope and etc.


Feather tattoo is mostly used in the form of flying birds and have amazing meanings when crafted on your body. Feather tattoos looks even more beautiful if drawn single handedly on wrist or neck or along with any other tattoos. Feathers of different birds have different meaning like peacocks feathers represents love or pride, hawk feather tattoos represents protection and strength, etc. Here at Naksh tattoo studio we have various feather designs for your dream come true art work.


As everyone know that butterfly have a journey as a crawling insects to an amazing beautiful flying creature and therefore butterflies are also known for gracefulness. Butterfly is a feminine tattoo and generally preferred by females to represent their journey from a girl to a beautiful women who is full of grace and strength. Butterfly tattoos looks even more beautiful if drawn on shoulder or neck. Butterfly tattoo also symbolizes love, rebirth, connectivity with nature, transformation and etc.

Angel wings-

Angel wings are the symbol of positivity and spirituality. There are several unique designs of angel wing and pretty popular among people. Angel wing tattoo comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, these designs represents the expression of your love and freedom, peace of mind, memory of someone lost, ancestral heritage, religious faith and etc. Angel wings tattoo is perfect for you if you are a nature lover.