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Naksh Tattoo Studio has been providing quality tattoo in Hyderabad since 2012, with 3 studios one in Somajiguda, Hitech City and in AS Rao Nagar, they are passionate with designing and getting high detailing, At Naksh Tattoo Shop, you will not only find the finest tattoo artists of the city but an experience that will last much longer than any permanent ink. Madhusudhan better known as Vicky has always been always very creative and artistic from a young age. He began his career as a tattoo artist in 2011. Vicky's continuing pursuit for knowledge and growth combined with his passion for the art form makes him unique and diverse. He likes to stretch his creative muscle everyday. For Vicky, tattooing is a way of life, part of his everyday being Vicky is an art loving person. Growing up, he was always interested in drawing, whether it was on the walls with crayons or later migrating to basic paper and pencil as an adolescent. He likes to do portraits & realistic tattoos. He believes that strict dedication and focus is required to become a professional tattoo artist.

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